1234 Activity Book

  1234 First Nation Explore Activity Book

There are 21 activities for the children to complete.
From 3 tipi’s to 12 Eagle feathers
in a feather fan, the children draw, cut, paste and create!
A whole tipi village can be made with canoes ready to go!
A Cultural worker, Shelley, made the little paper drums with a class in Surrey.
How sweet it was to see all the children gently tapping on their little drums via her telephone!
There are many extended activities that can be explored from this activity book too.
As everything is miniature but the patterns can be enlarged.
The little tipi pattern of course works with a 3 inch tipi or a 30 foot tipi!


ABCs of our spiritual connection Colouring Book

ISBN   978-0-9781823-4-2