Art Zone

Get your recyclables ready! On ARTZONE we created everything with recycled materials!

The host, actor Bronson Pelletier, now better known for his role as
Jack Sinclair in (2007), and for his role in The Twilight Saga  and other Canadian teen series; gets artistic with help from Kim Soo Goodtrack in series ONE and in series TWO he has a whole gang of children! They create a playhouse, and a playtown! The audience always has a chance to see what materials are needed and how it is made in “TAKE A LOOK AGAIN!” There is a card making segment and a mystery material to solve! The audience is encouraged to look at things differently…to see the value in everyday throwaways! In EARTHZONE the children are reminded where everything comes from!
Bronson also goes out to visit homes to see what is the “TRANSFORMER DRAWER!” What can be made from this???
There are 39, 24 minute episodes of ARTZONE. Each one has a different guest come on to the set and share their expertise! All the items created on ARTZONE have a First Nations flare! But of course anyone can get busy and create along with Bronson.

These shows are a must in every school. As an Art teacher I utilized everything in these shows. They are tried and tested! Once I had more than 50 playhouses being built in different stages throughout the year! I was a very popular teacher!
ARTZONE  is also broadcasted by FNX in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Minnesota, Alaska and San Bernardino, at FNX. The broadcaster said that they are really enjoying the shows too.

Available on DVD 39 episodes aired on APTN .. please contact the artist                AZdvdSm