wakan_turThe gentle host, SOPHIE MERASTY invites the audience in for a fun filled time with her dear little friends and guests. ‘Kimimilia’ or Butterfly in the Lakota language holds the children’s attention in a kind and caring way! The children are reminded that WAKANHEJA means SACRED ONE the word for children…  “And that’s what you are; you are very, very special!” The stellar cast in these 52 -12 minute shows bring the puppets to life! Gemini Award winning MICHELLE THRUSH plays Braidy the little chipmunk. Braidy is kind, generous and loves to sing the concept of the day. Sometimes Braidy shares the ‘word’ of the day in SALISH, LAKOTA, CREE or OJIBWAY. GLEN GOULD who plays a lead role in Cashing In plays the Elder Eagle, Flying Thunder. Every episode Flying Thunder gives the children guidance and wisdom. He over sees situations and always has solutions to any problems that may arise! Terry the turtle is played by SAM BOB. Our beloved little turtle who loves to count! He has to take care to watch his patience level though, but all the puppets understand his need to count! Sam has been in countless films both independent and for APTN. There is Cubby the baby bear, Bebe buffalo and a host of puppet guests! Cubby and Bebe love to rap and lay the beat down! Every episode, a guest comes to visit bringing their special talents too! Perhaps the guest is a Traditional dancer or a jingle dancer! Or maybe a North West Coast carver! We had exceptional talented GUESTS, 52 First Nation’s people sharing their gifts…POSITIVE ROLE MODELS to be sure! Series One takes place in a tipi, Series Two, takes place in the pretend out doors. Back to back these two shows offer so much! Every episode begins with a GIVE AWAY…and always something Cultural! There is an animated story time too! Through singing, storytelling, humour and counting the children are entertained and encouraged to be generous, kind, positive and aware of the Natural world! WAKANHEJA has caught the attention of FNX in San Bernardino, California and is currently being broadcasted there, as well as their sister stations in Ca., Alaska and Minnesota! WAKANHEJA was also on APTN for 4 years! TV GUIDE said that we as a society needed television productions like this! At UBC, House of Learning, WAKANHEJA is in their Xwi7xwa library. WAKANHEJA is also in a few Canadian School Board Resource libraries. A fine collection of DVD’s for your library!