1,2,3,4 First Nation’s Explore

This book is a wonderful way to learn about First Nation’s culture whilst you count!
123CovThe traditional teachings are interesting and of course informative. From the 1 to 21, the counting concepts promote harmony and goodwill. The 1234 book was also presented in the B.C Library Association and the number 19…a shield button blanket was shared for all to copy!
For the number ONE we see a beautiful earth surrounded by stars.
The caption reads… ONE earth, ONE sky, ONE ocean and ONE people. We are asked to ‘Respect one another, take great of the earth, honour the ocean and keep the air pure! Concepts that are more meaningful everyday! The number 21 shares the meaning of the blades of sweetgrass in a sweetgrass braid. Each strand stands for a lesson in life.
We pray with the braid as it is lit, a form of Spiritual incense if you may.

This 1234 book is a must for all classrooms! AGES 4 to 10                                                                view pages

1234 First Nation’s Explore Activity Book

                          ISBN 0-9781823-2-4