I am a member of the Lakota Woodmountain reserve in Southern Saskatchewan.
My Great Grandmother walked to Woodmountain with Sitting  Bull and their people back in the day.
My Grandmother and Mother were born in Woodmountain. I have been blessed with so many opportunities in life that it leaves me humble. From a meager start that was filled with sadness, abuse and shame I survived! I taught school for 24 years…in one capacity or another! I have taught ART to 150 children a week for 4 years. I also taught ART to adults in continuing education. I was invited to give special presentations for 15 years to an all boy’s private high school. I shared our CULTURE but I always had to share our ‘Upsetting” history too! WE have to share the bad with the good…what can I say? I was the CULTURAL ENRICHMENT WORKER for 3 years in Vancouver inner city schools. I did my best to comfort the children and their families. What a time it was… abject poverty at its worst. Yet the children were so sweet and loving! Smart too! I really enjoyed teaching on Professional Development Days with my fellow colleagues. Plus, I probably went to every school in Vancouver storytelling in grades K to 7!!
All the while trying to understand what had happened to me as a child. Now let me tell you it takes a lifetime to heal from painful childhood experiences. I had to HOLD on to the GOOD to live! This I share so that others that come from an upsetting background can know things do get better! I have had a few dozen ART exhibits, created a few books and 91 children’s shows! I have had the help of so many GOOD people that it boggles the mind! I am so grateful for everyone that believed in my visions…so very grateful. I PRAY all the time for all people.